And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.
Surah 3. ALI 'IMRAN , Ayah 103


Our goal is to promote and create Islamic environment for the Muslim community of Kamloops. Provide religious, social, educational activities and establish an Islamic information center.



Children Program (6 - 13): Alif Laam Meem. Every Sunday. For more info, contact Br. Ahmed at (250) 572-4402 or email

Youth Program (13 and above): Offered every Monday online. For more info, contact Br. Faisal at

Sister's Halaqa: Every Thursday. For more info, contact Sr. Umm Adam at (250) 572-1776

Nikah and Burial Services:

Contact Br. Faisal (250) 461-6599